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Prayer List

NOTE:   *  Denotes members of the Mooresville congregation
--Piedmont church of Christ - Denver Colorado - A small, but faithful congregation.  Let us pray for all faithful brethren everywhere.   
--Dennis and Beth Johnson - Dennis runs the Chennai teacher training school in Chennai India.  Let's pray for them as they work there and train preachers and teachers in that part of the world.  
--Arden Haith* - Has health issues which prevents her from attending services at times. Medication is being administered. 
--Mitchell McKnight - Son of Brannon McKnight* - Had cancer surgery to reove the bladdder, prostate and part of the intestines on 12/20/16.   
   He is now recovering. 
-- Glen McDaniel - brother of Carolyn McDaniel* has Parkinson's disease. 
-- Sharon Derflinger - Ongoing issues due to diabetes.   









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